Upset Tummy Concentrated Decoction™


This is Si Jin Bao’s version of a classical formula based on the treatment principles from The Yellow Emperor’s Guide to Internal Medicine (3 B.C.). These include overeating, alcohol intoxication, food poisoning, etc. This would be a useful addition to any first-aid travel kit, especially for overseas travel. Alcohol Free & Kid Friendly.


Glycerin (Plant Source), 山楂 Shan Zha (Hawthorn Fruit), 神麴 Shen Qu (Medicated Leaven), 萊菔子 Lai Fu Zi (Radish Seed), 陳皮 Chen Pi (Aged Tangerine Peel), 連翹 Lian Qiao (Forsythia Fruit), 茯苓 Fu Ling (Poria (solid fungus)), 半夏 Ban Xia (Pinella Tuber), Distilled Water


Shake before each use. For best results take fasting (no food or drink), 30 minutes before or after meals or drink. Add 1 oz. of boiling water to recommended dosage using the information below. Cover for 5 minutes, drink warm & take twice daily.

7 Years Old to Adult take 80 drops or 1 tsp.
2 to 6 Years Old take 40 drops or 1/2 tsp.
1 Year Old take 30 drops
Newborn take 15 drops

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Reduces food stagnation
Harmonizes the stomach
Regulate Qi
Heat and resolves toxicity
Warm and transform cold phlegm


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