Ancient Wisdom Fused with Modern Technology

浓缩 煎煮
Concentrated Decoctions™

Traditional Chinese Herbal formulas in an effective modern delivery method.

Welcome to Si Jin Bao, a revolutionary Herbaceutical Company focused on combining Ancient Asian traditions with modern technology.

Si Jin Bao (SJB) is a full-service Herbaceutical company specializing in proprietary herbal blends, formulations, and bulk herbs.  Our team of herbal experts has worked together for many years to build a storehouse of herbal knowledge unparalleled in the Western World.  Si Jin Bao is constantly researching ancient knowledge and developing new herbal formulas to manage problems and conditions common today.

At Si Jin Bao we strive to provide herbal formulas that integrate ancient knowledge with modern distribution practices.  In doing such we have provided practitioners with the tools necessary to achieve powerful results for patients in a modern environment.

Here at SJB our mission is to take the best of Chinese Medicine and make it available to the World.


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